When asked what is my motivation in putting this show together, Icon of Love, the music of Barry White, I answered simply Inspiration, Dedication and Love.




Barry Whites music has been the forefront of motivation through out my career.  I traveled across the United States and abroad with my own Show Band for many years and in each performance I included, and was often requested to sing songs from the Maestro.




We grew up on his music, made love to his music, and oh yes we danced to Barry White’s music. I’ve performed and shared the stage with so many great recording artists and entertainers through out the years such as; Ricky Nelson, Kool and the Gang, Ben Vereen and Sonny Turner formerly of the Platters, all who in one way or another inspired and encouraged me through out my career.




One year ago, I was asked to produce and perform a show that would change my life.  That show is, “ICON OF LOVE the music of Barry White”.  I selected the music, all of his number #1’s, and watched all the video footage I could find on Barry White.  




I gathered together musicians from Las Vegas who have worked top acts such as Wayne Newton, (Mr. Las Vegas) Beyonce, O’Jays and other Vegas Headliners. Their musical talents and energy helped me capture the essence of magic and beauty that I found in Barry White’s music




I knew from the first song that I started with, “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”, through the many hits I would cover such as, “Practice What You Preach”, “Staying Power”, and “My First My Last My Everything”, this was a show that must be done. Not just a tribute to a Legend, rather, an evening of Celebration of Barry White’s Music. 




It has taken me a year of dedication and determination to produce such a show.  All songs selected from Barry’s hit albums, all in which I performed with my 11 piece orchestra of top caliber musicians, and the production staff of Face Productions, who through the expert eye of Jason Jarrett, helped me bring to life, the Memory and Music of Barry White. 




On the day of shooting the video, there was a feeling of energy and calm, that we all felt that the Maestro would be pleased, for when we had finished we then realized we had shot the video on July 4th 2010, the same day 7 years ago that we morn the lost of Barry White who passed, July 4th 2003. 




From 1969 when Barry put together his female group Love Unlimited, to 1999 when he recorded his last album and hit “Staying Power”, his music has enriched all our lives. I have found great pleasure in singing and performing his great works of art.  So I give to you the Icon of Love Show, Daemine, as Barry White.  




And don’t let the music we Lived, and Loved stop here.  As Barry White the Maestro always said, Let the Music Play !!!!